Enable Multicast in UniFi System

Yesterday, we discovered that Lutron is requiring multicast in order to connect to a RadioRA2 main repeater. Why? They couldn’t answer after waiting 20 minutes on hold for service. Doesn’t make sense to me since the station is attempting to connect directly to the repeater’s IP address so it should be a unicast connection. The technical support rep I spoke to didn’t even know what multicast is and suggested….ahem….that the programming laptop connects directly to the repeater via Lutron’s proprietary wireless. Yeah, not so much.  Our onsite technician could connect through the network via Ethernet but not through the Ubiquiti UniFi wireless. So, in order to correct the issue and let him meander the home as he worked, I had to tweak things a bit by doing the following…

1) ssh into your UniFI server
2) determine the site ID and SSID
3) cd /usr/lib/data/unifi/sites/SITEID
4) use nano to create a doc titled config.properties
5) paste the following
6) restart UniFi server and wait a bit for the change to take effect.

All of that assumes that your UniFi controller/server is running on Linux (mine runs on an Ubuntu 14.04 install at Digital Ocean). If your server is running on something other than Linux….well……fix that.

Easy. Peasy.